LUST FOR LIFE 3:45 The tormented genius that was Vincent Van Gogh left behind masterworks that forever changed the world of art. Director Vincent Minnelli incorporates many visual elements inspired by the artist into his stirring biopic about the conflicted and destructive painter who still managed to see a world of beauty like no other. Kirk Douglas won a Golden Globe for his memorable portrayal of Van Gogh, and Anthony Quinn is superb as Paul Gauguin, in this exquisite exploration of the heights and depths of making art. (1956, 122 min, 35mm) + SPARTACUS 6:00 Stanley Kubrick’s Oscar-winning saga centered on a Roman slave revolt headed by Kirk Douglas’s titular folklore hero still holds the power to amaze. The cast of major league actors—among them Peter Ustinov, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier and especially Charles Laughton—are all exceptional while Kubrick himself skillfully handles the film’s epic filmmaking on a massive scale.(1960, 196 min + intermission, 35mm ‘Scope)