THE CRYING GAME 6:30 When British soldier Jody (Forest Whitaker) is kidnapped by the IRA, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with his captor, Fergus (Stephen Rea); the two eventually becoming embroiled in a curious love triangle with Dil (Jaye Davidson, in a startling film debut), Jody's lover. Neil Jordan's maze-like drama challenged mainstream sexual stereotypes and remains a powerful and poignant exploration of gender and identity. (1992, 112 min, HD ‘Scope) + MILLER’S CROSSING 8:35 The Coen Brothers’ glorious Prohibition era crime thriller stars Albert Finney as an Irish-American mob boss ready to go to war with a rival gangster and Gabriel Byrne is a loyal lieutenant who tries to prevent the conflict—until a woman comes between them. Not a re-invention of the gangster genre but an embrace of the old-fashioned Hollywood model, it’s a work of substantial brilliance steeped in traditional formulas and benchmarks. (1990, 115 min, DCP)