THE CONVERSATION 7:00 Lonely wiretapping expert and devout Catholic Gene Hackman is hired to record a seemingly innocuous conversation between two lovers. Upon re-hearing the tapes, however, he believes the couple's lives are in danger. Shot on location in San Francisco, this Palme d’Or winner is Francis Ford Coppola’s favorite of his own films; both an intimate character study and an ominous foreshadowing of today’s surveillance state. (1974, 113 min, 35mm) + THE RAIN PEOPLE 9:05 Shirley Knight stars as Natalie, a housewife who, unable to cope with being "trapped" by impending pregnancy, deserts her husband and takes to the road. Heavily influenced by the French New Wave, Francis Ford Coppola’s intensely moving film was ahead of its time from both filmmaking and feminist points of view. Knight brings a searing truth to her role as do co-stars (and future stars) James Caan and Robert Duvall as the lonely men who bring tenderness and tragedy her way. (1969, 101 min, 4K DCP)