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Programs:Nextwave Global Features
Women & Film
Spotlight: 2020 Vision
Family Drama
Family Friendly
Women Directors
Release Year:2019
Runtime:90 min
The Netherlands
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Level K
Director:Frederike Migom
Producer:Katleen Goossens
Cinematographer:Joachim Philippe
Screenwriter:Frederike Migom
Editor:Clemence Samson
Composer:Le Motel
Principal Cast:Bebel Tshiani Baloji
Mo Bakker
Joke Devynck
Caroline Stas
Noa Jacobs


Available to Watch May 15 at 11:00 AM - May 23 11:59 PM | Access to MSPIFF39 Redefined is geo-restricted to viewers in Minnesota and a MN billing address is required to purchase a ticket.

Although 12-year-old Binti has thousands of social media followers, on paper she ‘doesn’t exist.’ Binti and her Congolese father live with a small community of asylum seekers in Belgium until a police raid sends them running.

Fleeing through the woods, Binti and her dad discover the treehouse of Elias, a shy boy who is dedicated to saving the Okapi (a Congolese forest giraffe). Binti’s media-savvy skills are a perfect match for Elias’ struggling cause and the two kids launch a campaign as well as a friendship. Their parents also go well together, but there is a lot about each other that they don’t understand. A heartfelt drama addressing immigration issues, Frederike Migom’s Binti incorporates humor and tenderness in sharing some of the fears and dreams of a multicultural community. A charming film that never shies away from its often difficult subject matter, Binti will have audiences of every age cheering. Recommended for Age 10+ (Deb Girdwood)

Director Biography

Frederike Migom

Born in Antwerp, Frederike Migom moved to New York at age 17 to study acting, then to Paris at 21 to study filmmaking. She has written and directed the short films “Malakim” (2014), “Adam & Everything” (2014), “Nkoisi coiffure” (2015) and “Si-G” (2017). Binti (2019) is her first feature.