Nina of the Woods


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Digital Screening Room Fri, May 15, 2020
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Film Info
Programs:New American Visions
Minnesota Made
Minnesota Made
Release Year:2019
Runtime:91 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Axis Mundi Productions
Director:Charlie Griak
Executive Producer:Larry Nielsen
Charlie Griak
Patti Petrich
Producer:Patti Petrich
Charlie Griak
Wendy Griak
Cinematographer:Buck Holzemer
Greg Winter
Screenwriter:Charlie Griak. Neto DePaula Pimenta
Editor:Charlie Griak
Composer:Alex Berglund
Principal Cast:Megan Hensley
Dan Bielinski
Ricardo Vázquez
Rachael Davies
Shawn Boyd
Emily Fradenburg
Mia Peters
Filmography:The Center (2015)


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Nina is an aspiring actress from a small, rural town. Hired to give some authenticity to a reality show tailing Bigfoot near her home town, Nina is excited--as any actor would be--to work on a larger stage. But the forest has some secrets of its own, pushing Nina and her crew to confront larger realities in this haunting and ruminative feature.

For the forest is ancient, and possesses a power that overwhelms the young crew’s modern sensibilities. Things that were deemed fake seem real, what should be rudimentary becomes profound and confusing. Soon everyone is questioning not only the work they were hired to do, but the very nature of life itself. A beautiful and stirring work of imagination, Nina of the Woods, is at once a sci-fi thriller and philosophical cinematic experience.

Director Biography

Charlie Griak

Born in Minneapolis, Charlie Griak has worked for the last ten years as a director, writer, storyboard artist, animator, and illustrator working with Microsoft, Target, American Express, and National Geographic. He is the director of the short film “Fever” (2005), and the feature film The Center (2015), which was executive produced by Jonathan Demme. Nina of the Woods (2020) is his most recent film.