Sune vs. Sune


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Digital Screening Room Fri, May 15, 2020
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Film Info
Programs:Nextwave Global Features
Spotlight: 2020 Vision
Family Friendly
Family Drama
Release Year:2019
Runtime:89 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Swedish Film Institute
Director:Jon Holmberg
Executive Producer:Poa Strömberg
Patrick Ryborn
Lone Korslund
Peter Possne
Anna Croneman
Producer:Malin Söderlund
Linus Stöhr Torell
Cinematographer:Erik Persson
Screenwriter:Jon Holmberg
Daniella Mendel-Enk
Editor:Fredrik Alneng
Composer:Joel Danell
Andreas Tengblad
Principal Cast:Elis Gerdt
Baxter Renman
Fredrik Hallgren
Tea Stjärne
Sissela Benn
Lily Wahlsteen


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Eager to start fourth grade, Sune is suddenly confronted by the worst thing imaginable: another kid named Sune! And now our hero must go by the nickname Sune Two. How can a kid keep his dignity?

Sune vs. Sune is a heartwarming comedy interspersed with frequent scenes of epic sci-fi fantasy, mirroring the mind of a young person starting 4th grade or of a middle aged parent wishing he were a rock star. Sune’s loving but hapless family cope with daily humilities--their beat-up family car, boring jobs, and now Sune’s rivalry with a new boy also named Sune. When Sune’s secret crush Sophie drifts towards the new Sune, original Sune amps up his imagination and antics to win over his classmates. Fear of inadequacy, of not being “enough” drives increasingly outrageous behavior with a fast-paced crescendo. Based on a bestselling Swedish children’s book series. Recommended for Age 10+ (Deb Girdwood)

Director Biography

Jon Holmberg

Born in 1974 in Sweden, Jon Holmberg has acted, produced his own plays, and worked in television. He is the director of numerous Swedish television programs. Sune vs. Sune (2018) is his debut feature, to be followed by Sune: Best Man (2019).