Just Don't Think I'll Scream


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Film Info
Original Title:Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle
Programs:Frame Forward
Culture & Society
Release Year:2019
Runtime:75 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:KimStim
Director:Frank Beauvais
Producer:Justin Taurand
Michel Klein
Matthieu Deniau
Philippe Grivel
Screenwriter:Frank Beauvais
Editor:Thomas Marchand


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Ruminating on a self-imposed seclusion in an Alsatian village, renowned short film director and curator Frank Beauvais lovingly assembled footage from 400 films he watched while avoiding the world. The result is a stunning film essay about grief, anger, and loneliness.

Culling from works as diverse as Joseph von Sternberg’s An American Tragedy to Jon Favreau’s Elf, Frank Beauvais’s Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream (Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle) uses fleeting images from the movies he watched in his six-year exile, as he worked through a break up and reconnected with a distant father, and then grieved over that father’s death. Looking over the quotidian details in the movies reminds us of the power cinema has in our daily lives, from our most emotional highs to our most banal lows. “To paraphrase Pauline Kael, Beauvais nearly lost it at the movies, but then managed to find himself anew.” --The Hollywood Review

Director Biography

Frank Beauvais

Born in Phalsbourg, France in 1970, Frank Beauvais has created numerous short films and is a programmer at a film festival in Brives, France. His films include “Le grain et l’ivraie” (1998), “À genoux” (“On my Knees”) (2005), “Le soleil et la mort voyagent ensemble” (“Sun and Death Travel Alongside”) (2006), “Vosges” (2006), “Compilation 12 instants d’amour non partagé” (“Compilation 12 Moments of Unshared Love”) (2007), “Je flotterai sans envie” (“I’ll be Floating without any Desire”) (2008), “La guitare de diamants” (“The Diamond’s Guitar”) (2009), “Un 45 tour de cheveu (ceci n’est pas un disque)” (2010).


"[A] beguiling and often mesmerizing feature debut." - The Hollywood Reporter