Virtual Shorts: MN Made Dramas 1

  • Carry My Heart to the Yellow River
  • Code_Switch
  • Dust and Ashes
  • Like Nothing Happened
  • Nighthawks

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Festival Programs:Shorts
Minnesota Made
Women & Film
Minnesota Made
Science Fiction
Women Directors
Family Drama
Runtime:102 min
Chinese (Mandarin)


Available to Watch May 15 at 11:00 AM - May 23 11:59 PM | Access to MSPIFF39 Redefined is geo-restricted to viewers in Minnesota and a MN billing address is required to purchase a ticket. The short film programs are not available to watch using the Apple TV and Roku TV apps.

Nighthawks: Alone in a nearly empty roadside motel, an artist and a newly-returned local find quiet solace as they each struggle to escape their painful pasts.
Director: Dominic Howes | Runtime: 29 min | Country: USA | 2020 | English

Code_Switch: When Ruby Oliver loses her big brother (Marty) and only friend to gun violence, she uses a VR game for a chance to talk to his “data life”, an identical data version of Marty.
Director: Sigin Ojulu | Runtime: 16 min | Country: USA | 2020 | English

Dust and Ashes: On the outskirts of a utopian city where only perfect health and wholeness are accepted, a mute cripple and his autistic brother smuggle resources to an outcast community.
Director: Joshua Palmer | Runtime: 22 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Like Nothing Happened: When the past interrupts the present, Johanna and Bryce have no choice but to face a recent loss head on and confront each other's silence.
Director: Catherine Black | Runtime: 14 min | Country: USA | 2020 | English

Carry My Heart to the Yellow River: Taking her hospitalized friend's place on a bike tour to the Yellow River, a high school graduate travels to faraway Gannan, racing the clock to share pictures of the journey.
Director: Alexis Van Hurkman | Runtime: 21 min | Country: China | 2019 | Chinese (Mandarin)


Included Shorts

Nighthawks (29min) More
Code_Switch (16min) More
Dust and Ashes (22min) More
Like Nothing Happened (14min) More
Carry My Heart to the Yellow River (21min) More