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  • Coaster
  • Coffee Shop Names
  • Cookaphony
  • Dream Song - Tao Of Bobo
  • Happily Married After
  • How Not to Be Seen
  • The Blessing
  • The Hole in the Sky
  • Two Wizards, One Staff
  • Undercovered

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Minnesota Made
Women & Film
Tags:Minnesota Made
Romantic Comedy
Women Directors
Comedy Drama
Asian Interest
Runtime:80 min


Available to Watch May 15 at 11:00 AM - May 23 11:59 PM | Access to MSPIFF39 Redefined is geo-restricted to viewers in Minnesota and a MN billing address is required to purchase a ticket. The short film programs are not available to watch using the Apple TV and Roku TV apps.

Happily Married After: When sharing her tips for a happy marriage, a young wife must come to realize that marriages are never perfect, or else she risks losing it all.
Director: Alison Guessou | Runtime: 10 min | Country: USA | 2020 | English

The Hole in the Sky: This scientific exploration of the hole phenomenon utilizes the most high tech film making possibilities that stop motion animation can provide.
Director: John Akre | Runtime: 3 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Coffee Shop Names: Three Indian people imagine their personas as their "coffee shop names," the names they give baristas because their real names are hard to pronounce.
Director: Deepak Sethi | Runtime: 8 min | Country: USA | 2020 | English

Cookaphony: A man posing as a chef creates a percussive symphony out of a kitchen full of culinary instruments in order to hide his lack of cooking skills.
Director: Joe Chvala | Runtime: 9 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Dream Song - Tao Of Bobo: The Tao Of Bobo series features meditations on consciousness and coping with the “existential crisis” currently facing human and animal kind. This particular effort attempts a disambiguation of now.
Director: Daniel Appleby | Runtime: 2 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

The Blessing: When a timid, midwestern boy decides to propose to his girlfriend, he has to go through her immigrant, Chinese mother first.
Director: Liann Kaye | Runtime: 6 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

JACKED: After their typical but tenuous morning routine, Paul, a fitness blogger, and his burnout, fentanyl addicted father encounter a terrorist attack down the street.
Director: Ethan Nelson | Runtime: 13 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

How Not to Be Seen: An introverted woman takes extreme measures to avoid small talk at a wedding.
Director: Beth Peloff | Runtime: 4 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Coaster: A recent graduate experiences the literal ups and downs of adulthood after moving into his first home, built atop a roller coaster in sync with his emotions.
Directors: Amos Sussigan, Dan Lund | Runtime: 8 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Two Wizards, One Staff: Two wizards, a young African-American apprentice and an older white Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, bump into each other while walking their dogs.
Director: Josh Folan | Runtime: 7 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English

Undercovered: Two suburban kids stumble into an uncomfortable confrontation – and a biology lesson – under the cloak of the woods.
Director: Alexandra Geller | Runtime: 10 min | Country: USA | 2019 | English


Included Shorts

Happily Married After (10min) More
The Hole in the Sky (3min) More
Coffee Shop Names (8min) More
Cookaphony (9min) More
Dream Song - Tao Of Bobo (2min) More
The Blessing (6min) More
JACKED (13min) More
How Not to Be Seen (4min) More
Coaster (8min) More
Two Wizards, One Staff (7min) More
Undercovered (10min) More