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Home Viewing Thu, May 21, 2020 7:00 PM
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Thursday, May 21 at 7:00pm: Join MSPIFF, Medicating Normal Co-Director/Producer Lynn Cunningham, and special guests Angela Peacock (MSW, former U.S. Army Sergeant, subject in the film), Aruna Tummala, MD (ABIHM, CEO & Medical Director, Trinergy Center For Integrative Psychiatry), and Anastasia Banicki-Hoffman, MD (child & adolescent psychiatrist) for a live Q&A and conversation about the film and to take your questions.

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Director Biography

Lynn Cunningham Wendy Ractliffe

Lynn Cunningham is an editor who has worked for numerous television outlets here and in Japan, including PBS, the History Channel, and Asahi Shimbun. She holds a BA in architecture from Yale University. Medicating Normal (2020) is her first feature.

Wendy Ractliffe has a B.A. in history from Yale University, an MBA from Duke University, and a diploma in Waldorf education. By her own description she has been an equities analyst, stay-at-home mother, teacher at an international Waldorf school in France, and worked in organic agriculture for two decades. Medicating Normal (2020) is her first feature.

About the film


Most people are aware of the nation’s opioid crisis, but there are millions of Americans who are also physiologically dependent on commonly prescribed psychiatric medications that are being taken as prescribed by their doctors. From prescriptions to alleviate emotional distress to pain relievers and other drugs, big pharma is working hard to make sure every citizen is taking some kind of pill.

Following five different people over the course of three years, directors Lynn Cunningham and Wendy Ractliffe have crafted a documentary that is at once personal and universal. Inspired by a family member who was nearly lost in a fog of psychiatric medications, but has since recovered, the pair turn their cameras on these five souls who have run afoul of the pharmaceutical industry. A wake-up call to anyone who is taking prescription medications regularly, Medicating Normal may be the most important documentary you’ll see this year.