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From over 500 submissions to the Nextwave international youth filmmaking competition, a local group of high school youth working with the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) selected the final line-up featuring a diversity in filmmakers, genre, culture, content, and style. Some animated, some more serious, sound profound, some simply sweet--the program is a rollercoaster that honors today’s youth generation. A local youth jury awards two films at the end of the program. Total Runtime: 63 minutes

Clammy: A boy with sweaty hands meets a girl with dry skin. You can guess what happens next.
Director: Zoe Rae Calamar | Fiction | 2.5 min | USA (CA) | 2020 | English

On My Own: While Amy's parents always seem busy, even on their family vacation, she sets off for an exporlation on her own.
Directors: Percivale Tang, Kitty Wang, Paul Yan, Nicole Yang | Fiction | 10 min | China | Chinese

Cries of the Children: Many hear the cries of six-year-old Jimena Valencia, separated from her mother at a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility.
Director: Miracle Espericueta | Documentary | 4.5 min | USA (MN) | Spanish

Still We Rise: A music video with an original song, that addresses the negative stereotypes that take away from the confidence of young black girls in America. It shows the strength and beauty in these young girls despite negativity.
Director: Lani McHenry | Documentary | 2 min | USA (TX) |  English

Horazio the Timekeeper: The short movie "Horazio" emphasizes the role of the individual in our education system and its resulting conflict with social expectations. The plot involves a girl that feels restricted by her everyday school life. Despite being able to free herself from the underlying suppression, she is eventually alienated by society.
Director: Fabian Sigler | Fiction | 7.5 min | Germany | English

Just Like Our Lives: The film has been co-created with children and young people in care and outlines how being in care can affect the experience of education for children and young people.
Director: Charlotte Dean | Animation | 3 min | United Kingdom | English

D.O.G.: The film is about a story between an artificial-intelligence robot with an astronaut on the moon. The astronaut's spacecraft had crashed into the lunar surface and he is trying to survive and go back to earth. While the astronaut is at the moon, he met a robot that provided him assistance and developed a relationship with him...
Director: Yinuo Wei | Animation | 6 min | USA (CA) | English

Hearth: An ode to my grandmothers who make me feel a part of something larger than myself. "Hearth" tries to capture the feeling of love, warmth and security that happens when the the tiny village Babushka somehow summons the Village Citizens through the humble act of making a cauldron of soup. It's about how small things (like the making of a pot of soup) can be powerful things (that unite a village). It's about the act of giving, and how giving unites us to people we may not even know. The definition of hearth is: the floor of a fireplace, the area in front of a fireplace (where people often sit silently to warm themselves) and also the word hearth is used as a symbol for 'home". And finally, the word hearth contains the word heart. This film is also an homage to a tale from my childhood, Stone Soup.
Director: Max Shoham | Fiction | 2 min | Canada | No Dialogue

6 Months to Grow: We all have wasted food at least once in our lifetime but have we ever thought about the amount of time and effort it takes to grow it.
Directors: Bhumika Sinha, Ayman Bhinder | Fiction | 3 min | India | English

In This House: Whilst working his novel, an aging writer's home becomes the hunting ground for a demon of his own creation.
Director: Jordan Brand | Fiction | 5 min | Australia | English

Have You Seen Buster?: Spirited, determined 12-year-old Jacob embarks on a search for missing dog Buster, encountering wacky townsfolk along the way. A fun and bittersweet comedy with an unexpectedly heartfelt ending.
Director: Emmanuel Li | Fiction | 6 min | United Kingdom | English

The Bottomless Pit: A young man finds himself under a mysterious set of circumstances after a horrible accident.
Director: Sam LeMieur | Fiction | 7 min | USA (MN) | English

A Walk Along the Stars: A film created in remembrance of my grandmother. It’s a poetic journey told through animation and home videos. After moving into my grandmother’s old house in the summer of 2019, I was inspired to create something to express my struggle in letting her go and living in the house she used to live in.
Director: Lani McHenry | Animation | 2 min | USA (TX) | English

Egyptian Fairytale: Cartoon- an experiment of young animators aged 5 to 14 years , based on Egyptian myths and legends in an unusual animation technique - fenakistiskop.
Director: Anastasia Gidion and children agest 6-13 | Animationtion | 4 min | Russian Federation | No Dialogue

Content Advisories
“The Bottomless Pit” contains minor blood and violence
“The Cries of the Children” features emotionally intense sounds of children crying
“In This House” involves self-inflicted harm
“Egyptian Fairytale” has flashing and flickering lights - photosensitivity warning

Nextwave Youth Jurors:
Alexandra Alvarado, Baine Avent, Morgan Bailie, Samantha Forgosh, Mimi Huelster, Liv Larsen, Amaka Nwokocha, Aby Soumare, Josie Spanier, Sean Taubenberger

Nextwave Youth Filmmaking Competition Selection Committee (Mia Art Team):
Bella, Grace, Mahawa, Mateo, Om, Rhea, Sam, Ursula, Willa Special thanks to Crystal Price, Teen and Community Programs Associate, Mia