The Storyteller's Seasonal Spring 2020

storytellers isolation.jpg


PFC Streaming Fri, May 29 12:00 PM - Wed, Jul 1 8:00 PM
PFC Streaming Tue, Jun 16 12:00 PM
PFC Streaming Tue, Aug 18 12:00 PM


The Storyteller’s Seasonal was established provide a supportive venue where the creatives, filmmakers and storytellers can practice their craft and display their work, with the basic prompts of a theme and a prop as their challenge parameters. All levels of digital visual storytelling welcome, and over the last two years we have received an eclectic mix of films from our local creative community. It’s been difficult to hold such events in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, but we realized that this is a perfect time to share some of their stories with the community at large. We have set the price of this screening to sliding scale so that viewers may watch it for free and still leave room to support Pickford Film Center as it supports the effort of local filmmakers through events like this and others if you should choose to do so! Please enjoy The Storyteller’s Seasonal’s Isolation Compilation!