Oregon Filmmakers Series: Made by Women

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This showcase will be available through February 2. Once purchased, the showcase must be watched within 72 hours of hitting play.

Each month, Oregon Media Lab brings you a collection of stories from Oregon filmmakers. A portion of each ticket sold will go directly to the filmmakers.

August 2020: Short films from women and non-binary directors

"We Have Our Ways" by Dawn Jones Redstone
In a dystopic but recognizable America, street riots are common, tap water is undrinkable, and you’re lucky if you get health insurance. Regina keeps her head down to just get by, especially at work, but when her younger cousin Abigail is in need of a criminalized medical procedure, she must decide what price she’s willing to pay for justice.

"The Joy Block" by Joanie Fox
A celebration of Brazilian Samba music and dance through the eyes of Portland's own Bloco Alegria.
"Another Day" by Sommer Martin
This film follows a young Black girl's experiences navigating through Portland's predominately white schools.

"Eclipsed" by Rebecca Hynes
Two hundred avid eclipse chasers and their renowned astrophysicist leader on a pilgrimage to the base of the Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming.