Digital Screen Room Tue, Aug 4 10:00 AM - Thu, Aug 20 7:30 PM
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Stuck at home with nothing to do but speculate wildly about the activities of your neighbors? We’ve got just the movie for you: This August, Movie Madness University Online takes a deep dive into Joe Dante’s 1989 cult classic THE BURBS. When a new family moves into his neighborhood, uptight suburbanite Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) soon begins to suspect that there’s more to his eccentric new neighbors than meets the eye...

In this MMU Online seminar, instructor Kia Geraths will explore the horror comedy tradition, trace director Joe Dante’s trajectory as a filmmaker, examine the film’s use of improv comedy, and take audience questions. BUY TICKETS NOW!

Your ticket provides access to a pre-recorded lecture and a spot in our virtual discussion on August 20 at 7:30pm. Please note that you will need to find and watch the film on your own.

About the instructor:
Kia Anne Geraths is a West-Coast based filmmaker and multi-media artist, specializing in directing, cinematography and editing.

What is MMU Online?
MMU Online is a virtual education program from the Hollywood Theatre and Movie Madness, featuring lectures and discussions hosted by film experts.

How does it work?
1. Purchase a ticket.
With your purchase, you will receive access to a pre-recorded lecture to watch on your own.

2. Find and watch the film. Please note that MMU is not offering direct access to any films. All MMU featured films are available to rent on major VOD services for under $5. THE BURBS is rentable on Vudu and streaming on Starz. Contact us if you have difficulty finding a title.

3. Submit questions in advance. Email us any questions you’d like the instructor to answer! You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions during the seminar, but giving us some advance notice helps us better prepare.

4. Join us for a virtual seminar, where our instructor will discuss the film in more detail and answer your questions.

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