Ara Malikian. A Life Among Strings (Ara Malikian. Una vida entre las cuerdas)



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Original Title:Ara Malikian. Una vida entre las cuerdas
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Cine Latino
The Art of Living
Women in Film
Cine en Familia
Women Directors
Release Year:2019
Runtime:89 min
Festivals & Awards:2020 Goya Awards - Best Documentary
José María Forqué Awards - Best Documentary
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Freak Agency
Director:Nata Moreno
Executive Producer:Amelia Hernández
Cinematographer:Telmo Iragorri
Screenwriter:Nata Moreno
Nacho R. Piedra
Editor:Nacho R. Piedra
Composer:Ara Malikian
Paco de Lucía
Enrique Bumbury


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With his unruly mane of curly, coal-black hair, mascara-caked eyes, stylishly ragged clothes and thick wild-man beard, musician Ara Malikian looks every inch the raging punk rocker—or perhaps some crazed post-apocalyptic road warrior—instead of the classically-trained violinist that he actually is. From his birth in Lebanon to an Armenian family, and a personal history deeply shaped by the 1915 Armenian genocide, to his formative years as a teen prodigysent to Germany’s prestigious Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, where he played bars and busked streets for spare change, Malikian’s salvation was and remains the violin, a gift bestowed on him by his father Jirar, his single biggest influence. Now with over 25 albums to his credit, sellout world tours that combine spectacle of symphony with the ragged intensity of the most impassioned rock show, the musician remains a humble student of his beloved violin, an genre-melding iconoclast who manages to find joy and renewal with his beloved instrument, and who maintains a deep love for the messiness that is being human, in this lively and kinetic feature debut written and directed by Nata Moreno winner of the Goya Award 2020 for Best Documentary.

Recommended for Ages 10+

Con su rebelde melena de cabello rizado y negro como el carbón, ojos cubiertos de rímel, ropa elegante y vistosa y una espesa barba de hombre salvaje, el músico Ara Malikian parece un rockero de punk furioso, o tal vez un loco guerrero apocalíptico, en lugar del violinista de formación clásica que en realidad es. Desde su nacimiento en el seno de una familia Armenia en el Líbano, y de una historia personal profundamente moldeada por el genocidio armenio de 1915, hasta sus años de formación como adolescente prodigio, asistió a la prestigiosa Universidad de Música, Drama y Medios de Comunicación de Hannover en Alemania, hasta los años en los que tocó en bares y en las calles por monedas, la salvación de Malikian fue y sigue siendo el violín, un regalo que le otorgó su padre Jirar, su mayor influencia. Ahora, con más de 25 álbumes en su haber, giras mundiales con entradas agotadas que combinan el espectáculo de la sinfonía con la intensidad desigual del espectáculo de rock más apasionado, el músico sigue siendo un humilde alumno de su amado violín, un iconoclasta que fusiona géneros y que logra encontrar alegría y renovación con su querido instrumento, y que mantiene un profundo amor por el desorden que es el ser humano y es el centro de esta Opera Prima, escrita y dirigida por Nata Moreno ganadora del Premio Goya 2020 al Mejor Documental.

Director Biography

Nata Moreno

Nata Moreno combines her facets as director and playwright. Stage director of Ara Malikian’s shows, as well as creator and producer of his music videos and campaigns. Her documentary piece “Ara Malikian al habla” was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2016 she created her own production company Kokoro Films with which she has different advertising campaigns and personal projects. Her short film “Le Chat Doré” received several national and international awards such as the “ECU (European Independent Film Festival) for best European Comedy”. Al’Amar is her most personal and audacious work, in which she discusses immigration from the standpoint of an African woman who crosses the sea. In 2019 she will première her first feature length documentary “Ara Malikian: una vida entre las cuerdas”. Her works are characterised by the poetry of her images, the beauty of the photography, the portrayal and defence of social issues and the direction work with the actors. She studied Performing Arts in the Juan Carlos Corazza International Actors Studio, combining it with international trips working alongside Augusto Fernández, Claudio Tolcachir, Adriana Roffi (Buenos Aires), Jean Guy Lecat, Peter Brook (París) and J.Strasberg (Londres), among others. Assistant director for Will Keen and José Sanchís Sinisterra and playwright with Juan Mayorga in the department of Stage Design in the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

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