The Good Intentions (Las buenas intenciones)



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Original Title:Las buenas intenciones
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Cine Latino
Women in Film
Bright New Voices
Cine en Familia
Women Directors
Family Drama
Release Year:2019
Runtime:86 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Film Factory Entertainment
Director:Ana García Blaya
Executive Producer:Agustín Iñiguez
Joaquín Marqués Borchex
Juana García Blaya
Producer:Ana García Blaya
Juana García Blaya
Joaquín Marqués Borchex
Juan Pablo Miller
Cinematographer:Soledad Rodríguez
Screenwriter:Ana García Blaya
Editor:Rosario Suárez
Joaquín Elizalde
Composer:Ripe Banana Skins
Principal Cast:Javier Drolas
Amanda Minujín
Ezequiel Fontenla
Carmela Minujín
Sebastián Arzeno
Jazmín Stuart
Juan Minujín


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About The Good Intentions

For 10 year-old Amanda (Amanda Minujín), life as an adult in early-90’s Buenos Aires isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Juggling the concerns of a normal fifth-grader while caring and cleaning up after her three younger siblings after their parents’ divorce, the thoughtful school kid finds herself in the unenviable position of having to parent her own sweet-but-clueless slacker of a dad Gustavo (Javier Drolas), whose biggest concerns in life center around getting high, playing music, and having a good time in the record store he runs with his equally grungy best bud Néstor (Sebastian Arzeno). But when Cecilia (Jazmin Stuart), Amanda’s mom and Gustavo’s overworked and overstressed ex-wife, decides to move the family to Paraguay in order to give them a better life, Amanda finds herself torn between the appeal of having a safe, solid and predictable upbringing and saying goodbye to the freewheeling father she loves so dearly. Quickly cooking up a scheme to stay, the precocious pre-teen slowly awakens the bittersweet realization of accepting the faults of those we love in this scrappy, intimate and deeply touching autobiographical first feature from writer/director Ana Garcia Blaya.

Recommended for Ages 15+

Para Amanda (Amanda Minujín), de 10 años, la vida adulta en Buenos Aires a principios de los 90 no es tan atractiva como parece. Haciendo malabarismos con las preocupaciones de una niña normal de quinto grado mientras cuida de sus tres hermanos menores después del divorcio de sus padres, Amanda se encuentra en la poco envidiable posición de tener que ser la madre de su propio padre, Gustavo (Javier Drolas), amoroso, pero un tanto holgazán y desorientado, cuyas mayores preocupaciones en la vida se centran en drogarse, tocar música y pasar un buen rato en la tienda de discos que maneja con su igualmente caótico mejor amigo Néstor (Sebastian Arzeno). Pero cuando Cecilia (Jazmin Stuart), su mamá y ex esposa de Gustavo, decide mudar a la familia a Paraguay para darles una vida mejor, Amanda se encuentra dividida entre el atractivo de tener una vida segura, sólida y predecible o quedarse y “criar” al padre despreocupado que tanto ama. Preparando rápidamente un plan para quedarse, la precoz preadolescente se va dando cuenta de lo agridulce de aceptar las faltas de aquellos a quienes amamos en esta Opera Prima con mucho de autobiográfia, íntima y profundamente conmovedora de la guionista y directora Ana García Blaya.

Director Biography

Ana Garcia Blaya

Ana Garcia Blaya was born on November 18, 1979 in Buenos Aires. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. Her first works were in publicity like production assistant, direction assistant and editor. In 2008 begins to attend several workshops of script dictated by Pablo Solarz. During the workshops, she wrote her first feature film "Julia", which later became "The Good Intentions". In 2015, she began working as a scriptwriter with Solarz and in 2017 won the competition of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) with that first script. The shooting of Las Buenas Intenciones began in 2018.

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