The Heist of the Century (El robo del siglo)



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Film Info
Original Title:El robo del siglo
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Cine Latino
True Story
Release Year:2020
Runtime:114 min
Website:Official Website
Print Source:Latido Films
Director:Ariel Winograd
Producer:Pola Zito
Alex Zito
Juan Pablo García
Fernando Szew
Ricardo Freixá
Axel Kuschevatzky
Javier Del Pino
Fernando Carranza
Cinematographer:Félix Monti
Screenwriter:Alex Zito
Fernando Araujo
Editor:Pablo Barbieri
Composer:Darío Eskenazi
Principal Cast:Guillermo Francella
Diego Peretti
Juan Alari
Pablo Rago
Rafael Ferro
Mariano Argento
Luis Luque
Filmography:Cheese Head (2006)
To Fool a Thief (2013)


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About The Heist of the Century

It was the rip-off of a lifetime that would make everything right. In the foggy haze of too much pot and not enough meaning in life, artist and aging hippie Fernando (Diego Peretti) comes upon the one thing he believes will give his existence a purpose: robbing the Banco Rio branch that’s smack in the middle of Buenos Aires’s tony Acassuso neighborhood. Enlisting the help of slick professional thief and man-of-many-faces Mario (Guillermo Francella, The Clan), the pair assemble a motley assortment of middle-aged criminals, including family man Sebastián (Pablo Rago, The Secret in Their Eyes), ultra-religious Debauza (Mariano Argento), and serial philanderer Alberto (Rafael Ferro, Nobody’s Watching). Using principles of geometry, the city’s sewer system and an arsenal of toy guns, the team crafts a meticulously brilliant multi-part plan, making out with over $15 million in jewels, gold, cash and becoming folk heroes in the process. But once they get their hearts’ desires and agree to lay low, excess takes hold and the tiniest cracks begin to form, leading to an unexpected reckoning with the system and themselves in this incredible nail-biting thrill ride, based on the infamous 2006 bank heist that rocked Argentina.

Era el robo sel siglo que haría que la vida cambiara para siempre y buscando darle significado a la vida, el artista y hippie Fernando (Diego Peretti) se obsesiona con lo único que cree que le dará un propósito a su existencia: robar la sucursal del Banco Río que está en el corazón de una de las zonas ricas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. Con la ayuda del un ladrón profesional y hombre de las mil caras Mario (Guillermo Francella, El Clan), la pareja reúne a un grupo de criminales de mediana edad, incluido Sebastián (Pablo Rago, El secreto de sus ojos), el ultrareligioso Debauza (Mariano Argento), y el mujeriego Alberto (Rafael Ferro, Nobody's Watching). Utilizando principios de geometría, el sistema de alcantarillado de la ciudad y un arsenal de pistolas de juguete, el equipo elabora un plan meticuloso para alzarse con más de $ 15 millones en joyas, oro, efectivo y convertirse en héroes populares en el proceso. Cuando ya se creen a salvo, el exceso se apodera de ellos y comienzan a formarse las primeras grietas en el grupo, lo que lleva a un ajuste de cuentas inesperado con la ley y con ellos mismos en este increíble thriller, basado en el el robo más famoso en la historia policial de Argentina.

Director Biography

Alejandro Winograd

By the age of ten, Ariel Winograd (Buenos Aires, 1977) knew he wanted to work in film and comedy. He studied film direction at Argentina’s Universidad del Cine and as a student, shot several short films that won international awards, as well as music videos, documentaries and television programs. In 2006, he wrote and directed his first film, the biopic Cara de queso (Cheese Head). In the past two years, he has directed two feature-length films in Mexico at the behest of local producers: Todos caen (with Martha Higareda and Omar Chaparro) and Backseat Driver (with Mauricio Ochmann and Omar Chaparro), two films that have generated plenty of anticipation in both Mexico and the U.S.

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