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Virtual Film Category:Halloweek
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Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:99 minutes
Director:Pete Walker (The Flesh and Blood Snow)
Year Released:1971
Production Country:UK


"This is the one that put director Pete Walker on the path to a string of successful horror films in the 70s."
—Ken Kish, Video Wasteland: Rental, Reference and Review Guide

"Any movie that begins with a scantily-clad Susan George go-go dancing over the opening credits is pretty much guaranteed to get my attention. If there's a better way to start a film I can't think offhand what it might be." —Cult Movie Reviews

"From Susan George's go-go dancing on the titles to the streets of 70s London, the modernist-style apartment in the Algarve and Judy Huxtable's hipness, it's certainly good on the eye. The story isn't bad either." —Cinedelica.com

Die Screaming, Marianne stars the luminous Susan George (Straw Dogs) as a free-spirited hippie chick caught in a nightmarish plot to rob her of her inheritance. Marianne thought she had escaped the clutches of her criminal, incestuous family, but a spurned lover reveals her location, forcing her on a perilous journey back home. Leo Genn (nominated for an Oscar for his work in Quo Vadis) is insidiously creepy as Marianne's father, The Judge, who is more concerned with money than his daughter's tenuous well-being. A twisting, surprise-a-minute thriller, Die Screaming, Marianne proves that home is most definitely not where the heart is.

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