Lajko - Gypsy in Space (Lajkó - Cigány az urben)


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Film Info
Original Title:Lajkó - Cigány az urben
Program:Hungarian Film Festival
Virtual Cinema
Dark Comedy
Release Year:2018
Runtime:90 min
Festivals & Awards:Trieste Science+Fiction Film Festival - Audience Award
Website:Official Website
Director:Balázs Lengyel
Producer:Ferenc Pusztai
Cinematographer:György Réder
Screenwriter:Balázs Lengyel
Balázs Lovas
Editor:Wanda Kiss
Composer:Ádám Balázs
Principal Cast:Tamás Keresztes
József Gyabronka
Tibor Pálffy
Anna Böger
László Fehér
Beniuk Bohdan


Hungarian Film Festival 2020 - Virtual Edition

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Hungarian Film Festival

Creative Cultural Exchange and MSP Film Society present the Hungarian Film Festival 2020 - Virtual Edition, a celebration of Hungarian culture and cinema through the lens of two popular Hungarian films, Lajko - Gypsy in Space (Lajkó - Cigány az urben) and Neither With You (Seveled).

About the Film

This black comedy reveals that the first living being in space was not actually a dog called Lajka but a Hungarian crop-sprayer by the name of Lajkó. We discover that, in early 1957, the Soviet Union decides to give Hungary the honor of blasting the first cosmonaut into orbit. The most suitable candidate turns out to be none other than Lajos Serbán, known to all as Lajkó, whose life as a crop dusting pilot reflects his lifelong attraction to the stars and an unexplored affinity with outer space. When he is eventually selected for this daring mission, he has no idea that the universe has conspired to make his dreams come true.