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Celebrating Black Lives
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Series:African Diaspora
Last Chance
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Rating:Not Rated
Year Released:2021


Please note this program includes a content consideration. Please highlight the black section below to reveal the text.

In this collection of six shorts, filmmakers gaze at themselves and their world, attempting to make sense of what they see reflected back. From gripping drama to heart-warming comedy, Our Right to Gaze: Black Film Identities features timely stories from Black artists that take us outside of the ordinary.

Statement from the curator: Curtis Caesar John, The Luminal Theater
The "Paradox of Expectation"...it's the idea that wanting to rid yourself of expectations is a paradox - literally the expectation of no expectation. In these six films from emerging Black filmmakers, what the protagonists experience as the world they woke up to is not the one from which they're now appearing. Are they lying to themselves about who they are, or is the truth just not what they expect, but what they deserve?

Content consideration: Pandemic Chronicles features nudity and mature content; The Black Banshee features police violence.

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