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Series:Coming Soon
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:85 minutes
Director:Jessie Barr
Year Released:2020
Production Country:USA


"One of the most authentic explorations of grief on film." —Next Best Pictures

In this debut feature by filmmaker Jessie Barr, from executive producer Nicole Holofcener, 16-year-old Sophie Jones grapples with the recent death of her mother. Physical intimacy with another person becomes the only way for Sophie to feel anything. Eroticism becomes the antidote to her mother's death. She tries to keep her relationships strictly for her own empowerment and as a means of distraction. But what happens when Sophie finds that she does want more than physical intimacy but she's terrified of being vulnerable and receiving love or pleasure? What if none of Sophie's relationships are the answers, but they are all part of the journey back to healing herself? These are the questions Sophie Jones explores with humor, heart and authenticity in a coming-of-age film inspired by true experiences of grief, girlhood and growing up.