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Virtual Film Category:Bijou Film Board
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Series:Bijou Horizons
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:104 minutes
Director:Lila Avilés
Year Released:2018
Production Country:Mexico


"Slow, steady, and with an exacting eye for detail, Lila Aviles' The Chambermaid is a painfully astute observational drama about a young woman working in one of Mexico City's posh hotels." —

"There is not a lot of domestic warmth here, but there are nonetheless moments of human connection, solidarity and even freedom." —New York Times

A deluxe Mexico City hotel feels confining for Eve (Gabriela Cartol), a chambermaid whose days are filled with making beds, and running interference for guests demanding special attention. A beautifully observed fiction film that feels uncomfortably real, The Chambermaid posits Eve's disciplined schedule with the guest's capricious whims. As she yearns for independence within and beyond the confines of the hotel's luxury walls, her hopes and desires materialize alongside a seething anger sparked by a newly feminist streak.

Presented as part of Bijou's Horizons series, this film is free for University students! Contact Bijou on social media or via email to claim your free code!

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