Shiva Baby

Film Info
Format:2K DCP
Release Year:2020
Director:Emma Seligman
Rating:Not Rated


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After getting paid by her sugar daddy, Danielle (Rachel Sennott) rushes to meet her neurotic parents at a family shiva. Upon arrival, she is accosted by various estranged relatives about her appearance and lack of post-grad plans, while her confident ex-girlfriend, Maya (Molly Gordon), is applauded by everyone for getting into law school. The day takes a turn for the worst when Danielle's sugar daddy, Max (Danny Deferrari), arrives at the shiva - with his wife (Dianna Agron) and crying baby in tow. Shiva Baby, the feature film debut from Emma Seligman, is a cringe-inducing, sex-positive coming-of-age comedy that ushers in a bold new voice - both from Seligman and star Rachel Sennott, who perfectly captures the contradictory and suffocating pressures placed upon young women with equal parts pathos and humor.