Fire in the Mountains


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Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Asian Frontiers
Family Drama
Culture & Society
Women's Rights
Social Justice
Filmmaker Intro
Release Year:2021
Runtime:83 min
Festivals & Awards:20th Las Palmas De Gran Canaria International Film Fest - Silver Lady Harimaguada (2nd Best Film, Ju
20th Las Palmas De Gran Canaria International Film Fest - Best Actor (Chandan Bisht)
Print Source:Pascale Ramonda
Director:Ajitpal Singh
Producer:Ajay Rai
Alan McAlex
Cinematographer:Dominique Colin
Screenwriter:Ajitpal Singh
Editor:Parikshhit Jha
Simon Price
Composer:Arnaud van Vliet
Principal Cast:Vinamrata Rai
Chandan Bisht
Sonal Jha
Mayank Singh
Harshita Tiwari


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Includes Introduction by Writer/Director Ajitpal Singh.

Chandra and her husband, Dharam, run a homestay for tourists in a small Himalayan village, making little money. When Chandra wants to treat her paralyzed son with modern medicine and Dharam wants to pay for a ritual to remove a curse, their disagreement threatens to split the family apart.

Catering to tourists, Chandra often has to fight with other innkeepers to land guests for little profit. And mountain life has other disadvantages: their son Prakash is paralyzed, and getting him down the mountain for medical care and schooling is an enormous effort. Soon, Chandra and Dharam’s worldviews collide, as she wants her son to have medical treatment, and he wants a shaman to treat the boy, both of which cost a lot of money, and may cost them their marriage. The debut feature from writer-director Ajitpal Singh, Fire in the Mountains is a lush and heartbreaking account of a family on the edge. “[A] strident critique of globalized India…” --Anupama Chopra, Film Companion

Director Biography

Ajitpal Singh

Ajitpal Singh was born in Punjab, India. A self-taught filmmaker, he is the son of a former cinema hall owner, where he watched Bollywood films, and later was inspired to make movies watching Truffaut’s 400 Blows. He is the director of the short films Phir Kyon Aaj? (2003), Play Peace (2005), Mr. & Mrs. Singh (2013), Rammat-Gammat (2018) and Hummingbird (2018). Fire in the Mountains (2021) is his debut feature.