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Programs:Cine Latino
Women & Film
Women Directors
Women's Rights
Release Year:2020
Runtime:92 min
Country/Region:Costa Rica
Print Source:Ramonda Ink
Director:Paz Fábrega
Producer:Patricia Velásquez
Paz Fábrega
Marianella Illas
Iván Molina
Isabella Gálvez
Cinematographer:María Secco
Screenwriter:Paz Fábrega
Editor:Soledad Salfate
Principal Cast:Rebecca Woodbridge
Raquel Villalobos


How to Watch

Luisa is an architect, who teaches creative workshops in her spare time. One day, she discovers 17-year-old Yuli in the school bathroom. She has failed to induce an abortion, and Luisa takes the girl in under her wing, in Paz Fábrega’s warm and meditative feature.

40-year-old Luisa is happy, expressive, and finds meaning in the art classes she teaches to children. After class one day, she discovers a very ill Yuli, five months along and unable to tell her mother. Luisa opens her home to Yuli and accompanies her to various appointments over the preceding months establishing a deep, unconventional bond. Paz Fábrega’s Aurora exudes love and respect, and the chemistry between Rebecca Woodbridge’s Luisa and Raquel Villalobos’ Yuli anchors the film, which avoids melodrama to focus on the small profundities of life. “The quiet success of Paz Fábrega’s third feature comes from a deep respect for the characters coupled with the performers’ inner warmth.” --Jay Weissberg, Variety

Director Biography

Born in 1979 in San José, Costa Rica, Paz Fábrega studied still photography and journalism before going to the London Film School. She is the director of the short films “Temporal” (2006) and “Cuilos” (2008) and the features Cold Water of the Sea (Agua fria de mar) (2010) and Viaje (2015).