The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet


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Film Info
Original Title:El perro que no calla
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Cine Latino
Women & Film
Culture & Society
Women Directors
Release Year:2021
Runtime:73 min
Print Source:Luxbox
Director:Ana Katz
Producer:Laura Huberman
Ana Katz
Cinematographer:Gustavo Biazzi
Guillermo Nieto
Marcelo Lavintman
Fer Blanc
Joaquín Neira
Screenwriter:Gonzalo Delgado
Ana Katz
Editor:Andrés Tambornino
Composer:Nicolás Villamil
Principal Cast:Daniel Katz
Julieta Zylberberg
Carlos Portaluppi
Susana Varela
Renzo Cozza
Valeria Lois


How to Watch

Sebastian is a quiet, unassuming man who loves a dog who likes to bark. He can’t leave the dog at home, can’t take it to work, so he has to find a new job. When a meteorite hits, poisoning the air, Sebastian’s almost otherworldly compassion is suddenly his greatest gift.

Now Sebastian (Daniel Katz) must find work, and, suddenly, he is the father of a new baby. Navigating these twists and turns, he takes them all in stride, calmly and without anger. But then a meteorite strikes the earth, poisoning the air, though only at a height of 4 feet--meaning you have to either wear an oxygenated bubble or crouch everywhere. And now Sebastian’s profound kindness, his patience, and his observational skills are precisely what this world needs. “[A] tiny, monochrome miracle of a movie that gives you years of life and change and mystery in 73 calm minutes.” --Jessica Kiang, Variety

Director Biography

Ana Katz

Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Ana Katz is an actress, screenwriter, director, film and theater producer, educated at Universidad del Cine. She has directed the features Musical Chairs (El juego de la silla) (2002), A Stray Girlfriend (Una novia errante) (2007), Los Marziano (2011), My Friend from the Park (Mi amiga del parque) (2015) and Florianópolis Dream (Sueño Florianópolis) (2018).