Memory House


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Film Info
Original Title:Casa de Antiguidades
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Cine Latino
Culture & Society
Indigenous Voices
Human Rights
Black Perspectives
Release Year:2020
Runtime:87 min
Print Source:Film Movement
Director:João Paulo Miranda Maria
Producer:Denise Gomes
Paula Cosenza
Didar Domehri
Cinematographer:Benjamín Echazarreta
Screenwriter:João Paulo Miranda Maria
Editor:Benjamin Mirguet
Composer:Nicolas Becker
Principal Cast:Antonio Pitanga
Ana Flavia Cavalcanti
Sam Louwyck
Soren Hellerup


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In this haunting film, Cristovam is an Indigenous Black man from rural northern Brazil, who has recently relocated to the south to work in a milk factory run by a strange community of Austrians. After another day of abuse and indignity, he retreats to a house of oddly familiar antiques, and enters a hallucinatory world, trapped within the collective memories of generations of victims of colonization.

Cristovam (Antônio Pitanga) is barely getting by, financially and psychologically. After dedicating a life to the company, he now must take a cut in wages, and his whole world seems to collapse. One night, he finds himself in the abandoned shack he’s taken up residence, and the artifacts within speak to his struggle, and the struggle of people like him, opening vistas of Brazil’s not-so-distant past, a legacy of violence and racism. Part folklore, part surrealistic horror, and entirely original, Memory House is like nothing you’ve ever seen, a visually stunning film with a simmering performance by Pitanga. Selected for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival.

Director Biography

João Paulo Miranda Maria

Born in 1982 in Porto Feliz, State of São Paulo, Brazil, João Paulo Miranda Maria studied cinema at Estacio de Sá College, and earned his Master’s in multimedia at the University of Campinas. He is the director of the short films “Ida do Diabo” (2014), “Command Action” (2015), “The Girl Who Danced with the Devil (A moça que dançou com o Diabo)” (2016) and “Meninas formicida” (2017).