Air Conditioner

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Film Info
Original Title:Ar Condicionado
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Festival Programs:Images of Africa
Emerging Filmmaker Competition
Culture & Society
Social Justice
Black Perspectives
Best of Fest Encores
Release Year:2020
Runtime:72 min
Print Source:Geração 80
Producer:Jorge Cohen
Cinematographer:Ery Claver
Ery Claver
Editor:Zeno Monyak
Composer:Aline Frazão
Principal Cast:José Kiteculo
Filomena Manuel
David Caracol


Best of Fest Encores

Emerging Filmmaker Competition - Special Jury Prize, Honorable Mention

For its original, poetic, and daring exploration of the personal, social, and political complexities of life in modern Africa, the Jury gives a special citation to Air Conditioner, Fradique (Angola).

How to Watch

In this strange and beguiling film, air conditioners--central to life in Angola--begin to suddenly fall out of windows in the capital Luanda, maiming and even killing people. When his broiling boss demands an air conditioner, Matacedo must wander his beloved city and find one that works.

No one understands this bizarre phenomenon--air conditioners leaping from windows in what appears to be an almost suicidal plunge. And now poor security guard and former soldier Matacedo (Jose Kiteculo) must travel Luanda’s simmering downtown to find a working unit. There, he communicates telepathically with others (or is that his PTSD?) and meets the very strange Mr. Mino (David Caracol), who may hold all the secrets. Written, produced and shot entirely in Angola by the cinematic collective Geração 80, directed by Fradique, Air Conditioner evokes David Lynch and is a unique, unsettling and visionary cinematic experience.

Director Biography

Fradique Born in Luanda, Angola in 1986, Fradique (aka Mário Bastos) studied at the New York Film Academy and the Academy of Art University in San Franciscoand. He is one of the founders of Geração 80, an independent production company in Luanda, Angola, which focuses on author cinema. He has directed the short films “Kiari” (2009), “Alambamento” (2011), “Luanda 24/7” (2011) and the documentaries Triângulo (2013) and Independência (2015).