Ma Belle, My Beauty


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Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:New American Visions
Women & Film
Women Directors
LGBTQ+ Currents
Release Year:2021
Runtime:93 min
Print Source:Good Deed Entertainment
Director:Marion Hill
Executive Producer:Gina Charbonnet
Marion Hill
Producer:Ben Matheny
Kelsey Scult
Marion Hill
Cinematographer:Lauren Guiteras
Screenwriter:Marion Hill
Editor:Marion Hill
Composer:Mahmoud Chouki
Principal Cast:Idella Johnson
Hannah Pepper
Lucien Guignard
Sivan Noam Shimon


Bertie and Fred are musicians, living a somewhat carefree life in the French countryside. Fred’s a musician from France, Bertie’s a New Orleans jazz singer struggling with depression. When Lane, an old flame, shows up, she reignites passion in both in Marion Hill’s gorgeous and surprisingly emotional debut that earned a Sundance Audience Award.

Bertie (Idella Johnson) is having a hard time adjusting to France, refusing to learn the language and grieving the recent death of her mother. Fred (Lucien Guignard) is doing his best to help, and when Lane (Hannah Pepper) arrives, also from New Orleans, this one-time-paramour might just be the thing to help Bertie adjust. In her feature debut, Marion Hill takes viewers on a luscious tour of the Cevennes region of France, in a film brimming with life and love. “[A]n absolutely enchanting pleasure that pulls us whole-bodied into its sway.” --Kristy Puchko,

Director Biography

Marion Hill Based in New Orleans, Marion Hill is a writer and director who currently works for WWOZ and is co-founder and video director of the People's Media Front of New Orleans. She is the director of the short films “In Still” (2015), “Bird of Prey” (2016) and “Goddess House” (2018). Ma Belle, My Beauty (2021), her debut feature, won a Sundance Audience Award.