The Club of Ugly Children


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Film Info
Original Title:De Club van Lelijke Kinderen
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Nextwave Global Features
Spotlight: Common Ground
Family Friendly
Science Fiction
Release Year:2019
Runtime:90 min
Country/Region:The Netherlands
Festivals & Awards:30th European Youth Film Festival of Flanders -
Children's Jury Award: Best Feature Film Audience Award
23rd New York International Children's Film Festival -
Grand Prize - Best Feature Film
24th Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages - Audience Award Youth Jury Award
16th Zurich Film Fest Section: ZFF for Children -
Children ´s Jury Award: Best film
15th International Vilnius Film Festival for Children and Youth -
Best Film by the Jury of Children in the Age 7+
Print Source:Umami Media
Director:Jonathan Elbers
Executive Producer:Stan Schram
Producer:Casper Eskes
Niek Teunissen
Wim Boven
Cinematographer:Thijmen Doornik
Screenwriter:Jeroen Margry
Koos Meinderts
Editor:Jurriaan van Nimwegen
Composer:Vidjay Beerepoot
Principal Cast:Sem Hulsmann
Faye Kimmijser
Narek Awanesyan
Jeroen van Koningsbrugge
Jelka van Houten
Maan de Steenwinkel
Roeland Fernhout


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When President Isimo declares “Keep it clean!” he doesn’t mean the city streets, he means ridding the schools of children who don’t fit into narrowly defined ideals of beauty. Paul, one of the “ugly” boys, escapes in Jonathan Elbers’ engaging and entertaining dystopian thriller.

Paul (Sem Hulsmann) has always just wanted to be a normal kid. But when President Isimo (Roeland Fernhout) is elected on the “Keep it clean!” platform, Paul’s world becomes undone. When he and a bunch of other “unattractive” children are bussed away from their school, they soon realize they’re being isolated. Paul and his cohorts escape and with other kids, they form the Club of Ugly Children, an underground resistance to challenge the President, and the adults who support him. Soon, the resistance grows too big for even the President to stop. Director Jonathan Elbers, who wrote the screenplay, took sentences from the speeches of current demagogues (as of 2020) for President Isimo, and created a daring, enjoyable and thought-provoking entertaining thriller for the whole family. Winner, New York International Children’s Film Fest Audience Choice Award.

Content advisories: kidnapping, bullying, intense action, some profanity

Director Biography

Jonathan Elbers Jonathan Elbers works at Czar, Amsterdam, an award-winning production company. He completed his studies at the Dutch Film Academy, and one of his commercials was recognized at the Cannes Film Festival. He is the director of numerous short films and the features Circus 3D (2011), Ik hartje oost (2014), and The Club of Ugly Children (2020).