My Brother Chases Dinosaurs


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Film Info
Original Title:Mio Fratello Rincorre i Dinosauri
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:Nextwave Global Features
Spotlight: Common Ground
Family Drama
Family Friendly
Release Year:2019
Runtime:102 min
Festivals & Awards:European Film Awards 2020 - Young Audience Award
Print Source:Vision Distribution
Director:Stefano Cipani
Producer:Isabella Cocuzza
Arturo Paglia
Antonia Nava
Cinematographer:Sergi Bartrolì
Screenwriter:Fabio Bonifacci
from the novel “Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri” by Giacomo Mazzariol
Editor:Massimo Quaglia
Composer:Lucas Vidal
Principal Cast:Alessandro Gassmann
Isabella Ragonese
Rossy De Palma
Francesco Gheghi
Gea Dall'Orto
Roberto Nocchi
Saul Nanni
Lorenzo Sisto
Arianna Becheroni
Edoardo Pagliai
Gabriele Scopel
Maria Vittoria Dallasta
Elena Minichiello
Vittoria Perga
Antonio Uras
Andrea Timpanelli
Luca Morello
Ivan Sanchez
Filmography:Debut Feature


Jack’s younger brother, Gio, has Down syndrome. When they were little, Jack interpreted his parents’ explanation of Gio being “special” to mean he must have superpowers. As they grow older, teenage Jack grows increasingly self-conscious and struggles to redefine himself apart from his ebullient family.

Ready to turn a new page, Jack and his best friend leave their small town in Northern Italy to bus to a big city high school donning reinvented, cool identities. At his new school, Jack decides it might be easier to pretend Gio doesn’t exist. But when he joins a teen band to impress his first crush Arianna, Jack is quickly in over his head as his new friends intersect with his real life. When the truth comes out, Jack must face the harm that he’s done and rediscover how his brother’s energy, vivacity, and unique perspective can indeed change the world. Based on Giacomo Mazzariol’s YA novel and the true life story. Winner, Young Audience Award, European Film Academy. (Deb Girdwood)

Content advisories: teen drinking and smoking, some mature language

Recommended for ages 12+

Director Biography

Stefano Cipani Born in 1986 in Salò, Italy, Stefano Cipani attended the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios. His short films have garnered worldwide attention: “A Pill for David Friktenstein” (2009), “Napoleon’s Charm” (2009), “A Piece of Hero” (2009), “While God is Watching Us” (2011), “Symmetry” (2013), “Shine Bright” (2016) and “La Grande Guerra a Colori” (2020). My Brother Chases Dinosaurs (Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri) (2020) is his debut feature.