9 Days in Raqqa


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Film Info
Original Title:9 jours a Raqqa
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:World Cinema
Spotlight: Common Ground
Human Rights
Women's Rights
Release Year:2020
Runtime:88 min
Print Source:Taskovski Films
Director:Xavier de Lauzanne
Producer:François-Hugues de Vaumas
Cinematographer:Xavier de Lauzanne
Editor:Jean-Maxime Besset
Composer:Ibrahim Maalouf


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Raqqa, Syria, the former capital of the Islamic state, was a city under siege. Bombed, wrecked, barely holding on, it struggles to rebuild. Leila Mustafa is a Kurd and Syrian and the new mayor of Raqqa. When a French writer crosses the border to meet her, she has 9 days to live with Mustapha and tell her story in a book.

Leila Mustapha is an engineer by training, a woman dedicated to science and education, elected to be leader of the Raqqa Civil Council (RCC) at age 30, the de facto mayor. During the war, she fled with her family when ISIS took control; now, she has been chosen to lead a city that, according to the UN, is 80% destroyed, the streets littered with landmines. Over 150,000 people have returned to Raqqa, and, with Mustapha’s leadership, the RCC has helped open hundreds of schools and businesses, and restore democracy. Even with her successes, she is still a woman in a world controlled by men, and hers is no easy task.

Director Biography

Xavier de Lauzanne Born in 1970 in le-de-France, Xavier de Lauzanne is a director of acclaimed documentaries. He is the director of the films With One Voice (D'une seule voix) (2008), La vie devant soi (2012), Enfants valises (2013), and Les pépites (2016). 9 Days in Raqqa (9 jours à Raqqa) (2021) is his most recent film.