Nadia, Butterfly


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Film Info
Premiere Status:Minnesota Premiere
Programs:World Cinema
Release Year:2020
Runtime:107 min
Print Source:WaZabi Films
Director:Pascal Plante
Executive Producer:Sylvain Corbeil
Producer:Dominique Dussault
Cinematographer:Stéphanie Weber Biron
Screenwriter:Pascal Plante
Editor:Amélie Labréche
Principal Cast:Katerine Savard
Ariane Mainville
Hilary Caldwell
Cailin Mcmurray
Pierre-yves Cardinal
John Ralston
Amélie Marcil
Eli Jean Tahchi
Andrew Di Prata
Marie-josé Turcotte


Whenever Nadia leaves the pool, it feels as though she’s leaving a part of herself behind. Only 21, she’s exhausted from the rigors of being an Olympic swimmer, and decides to retire from competitive swimming after the Tokyo Olympics. Now that she’s finished, where does she go next?

Nadia Beaudry (played by Canadian Olympic medalist Katerine Savard) has had it with the endless practices, the coaching, the grinding schedule. Every victory seems somehow like a loss, and losing is unthinkable. Only 21, she’s eager to go back to school and get her anatomy degree. After her last race at the Tokyo Olympics, Nadia and her best friend, Marie-Pierre (fellow swimmer Ariane Mainville), take in Tokyo’s nightspots, but Nadia can’t help but look over her shoulder with regret and relief. From professional swimmer turned filmmaker Pascal Plante, Nadia, Butterfly is an authentic and intimate look into the world of elite sports. “For all the battles that Nadia wages when she's in the water, this is a subdued and subtly powerful look at the unexpected perils of dry land.” --Steve Pond, The Wrap

Director Biography

Pascal Plante Quebec-born filmmaker Pascal Plante is a former competitive swimmer and director of the short films “La fleur de l'âge” (2011), “Je suis un château de sable qui attend la mer” (2011), “Baby Blues” (2012), “Drum de marde!” (2015), “Blue-Eyed Blonde” (2015), “Nonna” (2016) “Blast Beat” (2018) and the feature Fake Tattoos (2017).