La Piscine


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Film Info
Release Year:1969
Director:Jacques Deray
Rating:Not Rated
Language:French with English subtitles
Format:4K DCP


Jean-Paul (Alain Delon) and Marianne (Romy Schneider) indulge in their passion for each other while borrowing a friend's luxurious villa in the south of France. When the friend (Maurice Ronet) and his daughter (Jane Birkin) arrive unexpectedly, rivalries and insecurities surface and events take a sinister turn. La Piscine was a box office smash in France when released in 1969 but had little distribution outside of the country - until now. It's scintillating onscreen eroticism is matched behind the camera by the genius of its creatives, including director Jacques Deray, screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière (who passed away in February of this year), and composer Michel Legrand. In a twist of fate, filmmaker Claude Sautet cast Schneider - who became his favorite actress - after asking Deray to see rushes of the film. The rest, as they say, is history.

Restored in 4K from the original 35mm negative. Restoration supervised by Filmo, commissioned by SND, with the support of the CNC, and approved by Agnès and Laurence Deray.

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