Le Cercle Rouge


Coral Gables Art Cinema Fri, Jul 23 8:15 PM
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Coral Gables Art Cinema Mon, Jul 26 8:15 PM
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Film Info
Release Year:1970
Director:Jean-Pierre Melville
Rating:Not Rated
Language:French with English subtitles
Format:4K DCP


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Impassive faces, snap-brim hats, dangling cigarettes, sunglasses after dark, raincoats without rain… We’re unmistakably in the world of Melville, master of fate-haunted French gangster picture (Le DoulosBob Le FlambeurLe Samouraï), here bringing together four archetypal tough guys for their appointment with destiny: prisoner-in-transit Gian Maria Volonté (Christ Stopped at Eboli); relentless Inspector Mattei (played by French comedy legend Bourvil); ex-cop Yves Montand; and Alain Delon (La PiscineMr. Klein), shrugging off two murder attempts on his first day out of the joint. The four join forces for a meticulously planned heist, a silent tour-de-force in the grand movie tradition of TopkapiThe Asphalt Jungle, and Rififi. The biggest hit of Melville’s career, Le Cercle Rouge was initially released in the U.S. in a dubbed version cut by 40 minutes, until the complete two hour, twenty-minute version was finally released here by Rialto Pictures in 2003. This brand new 4K restoration from StudioCanal spotlights the noirishly muted color cinematography by Melville/New Wave lenser Henri Decaë (Le SamouraïThe 400 BlowsElevator to the GallowsPurple Noon) like never before, with subtitles by veteran translator Lenny Borger. It’s the perfect follow-up to our “splash hit” La Piscine, starring Delon.