Chauncey -Theater 1 Sun, Oct 10 1:00 PM
Series Info
Series:National Theatre Live
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:120 minutes
Director:Danny Boyle
Year Released:2011
Production Country:UK


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"The most viscerally exciting and stunning show in town."—Daily Telegraph

Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game) and Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) star in this stage adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel directed by Danny Boyle (28 Days Later...). Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Frankenstein’s bewildered creature (Benedict Cumberbatch) is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the increasingly desperate and vengeful Creature determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal. Scientific responsibility, parental neglect, cognitive development and the nature of good and evil, are embedded within this thrilling and deeply disturbing classic tale.