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Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Reel Representation
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Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:55 minutes
Director:Tina Krause
Year Released:1999
Production Country:United States


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A place between your soul and Hell. 

"There's a sense of darkness and hopelessness to the project that feels real.  But at the same time, Limbo is triumphant." - Joseph A. Ziemba, Bleeding Skull! - A 1990s Trash-Horror Odyssey

"Krause was clearly working with no real money here and relying more on creativity and the generosity of collaborators to get this done, but get it done she did and the end result is…. really fucking weird." - Ian Jane, Rock! Shock! Pop!

"Despite its very ragged technical nature, the project has some interesting visual ideas with lots of double exposures, color manipulation, and spooky interplay between sound and image." - Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

After starring in 100 movies over the past two decades, Tina Krause has established herself as an unstoppable warrior from the DIY fringes. Limbo is the first -- and to this day, only -- movie written and directed by Krause. And it’s truly invigorating. Limbo presents three days in the life of a woman named Elizabeth, as she deals with identity issues, sexist mouth-breathers, supernatural manifestations . . . and a possible trip to hell. Combining video collage experiments with dreamy horror mood, this is what might happen if David Lynch and Nine Inch Nails collaborated on a shot-on-video horror movie.

Preservation courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive.

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