We Need to Do Something


Roxy Annex Fri, Oct 15 11:59 PM
Film Info
Series:Midnight Madness
Run Time:97 min
Release Year:2021
Sponsored By:OddPitch Brewing
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Sean King O'Grady
Cast Members:Sierra McCormick, Vinessa Shaw, Pat Healy
Writers:Max Booth III


A little gay and a little witchy, this brand new IFC Midnight release explores the new meaning of "shelter in place" we've all come to know and love. Based on the Max Booth III novel of the same name, We Need to Do Something follows a familly which becomes trapped in one tiny bathroom. Can this claustrophobic slowburn bring a new perspective to the hell we all lived through during the COVID lockdown? Only one way to find out. -- Solveig