Chauncey -Theater 2 Sun, Nov 14 6:30 PM
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Dialogue:Producer Andre Wright
Series Info
Series:Filmmaker Spotlight
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:12 minutes
Director:Trevon Jakaar
Year Released:2021
Production Country:USA


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Join us for a Q&A with Producer and Humanize My Hoodie co-founder Andre Wright

PLEASE NOTE: this event will be full capacity with enhanced wellness protocols in place requiring either a 72-hour (or less) negative COVID-19 test or documentation of a vaccine card in lieu of a negative COVID-19 test for each individual 12 or older attending.

This is a story of when Humanize My Hoodie’s co-founder Andre Wright was donated a vacant building in downtown Iowa City, he saw fit to turn its vacancy into true liberation. Humanize My Hoodie invited community members from near and far to revamp the space into their own resource for change. The results? An array of art forms ranging from fashion, paintings, graphic design, sewing and manufacturing, screen printing, filmmaking, gardening, and the occasional haircut and lineup. By fostering a new community, the space was beaming with diverse backgrounds that included graduate students attending the University of Iowa, LatinX folks, Indigenous peoples, and a community at large who needed healing during extremely uncertain times. The Black Liberation Space represents Art as a form of resilience.

Andre’ Wright is a designer, activist, visionary, community builder and world traveler who has dedicated his life to BIPOC. Since launching his own fashion brand out of Iowa City, Iowa, Andre’ has grown Humanize My Hoodie into a global fashion activism movement, designing hoodies for rappers, Black liberation leaders, allies, and Black youth while staging fashion shows and workshops nationally, educating thousands about the power of fashion to inspire, empower and spark important conversations. His work has been featured at New York Fashion Week, Politico, NPR, Essence magazine, Target, Atlantic Records, Warner Music, Thisis50, Facebook, Foot Action and promoted by Meek Mill, J.Cole, Kid Capri, Ying Yang Twins, Nipsey Hussle, and YNB Youngboi