Chauncey -Theater 2 Wed, Dec 1 10:00 PM
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Dialogue:Donna Reed's daughter Mary Owen will introduce the film.
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Series:Late Shift at the Grindhouse
Donna Reed at 100
Film Info
Rating:Not Rated
Runtime:100 minutes
Director:William Wiard (Tom Horn)
Year Released:1982
Production Country:United States


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Kiss the girls and make them sigh.  Hunt them down and watch them die!  

On 16mm film! 

"The real reason to watch Deadly Lessons is for the cast. I think it may just be the greatest cast ever assembled." - Unkle Lancifer,

"Look. At. That. Cast. Bill Paxton! Ally Sheedy! Diane Franklin! Sissy from Jason Lives! The future voice of Bart Simpson! Deadly Lessons is the TV movie that just gives, gives, gives!" - Vegan Voorhees

"The cast alone is enough to make it worth a watch." - Cody Hamman, Life Between Frames

Hot on the heels of the 80's slasher film explosion comes this made-for-T.V. slasher film?... Yes, indeed.  A made-for-T.V. slasher film.  And it's got a great cast too.  Donna Reed is Miss Wade, the head mistress at Starkwater Hall, a prestigious girls' school.  There's a psycho stalking the students, which include Diana Franklin, Ally Sheedy, and Nancy (the voice of Bart Simpson) Cartwright.  Bill Paxton (before his career took off) is the school's horse-trainer, Eddie Fox; while CHiPs star Larry Wilcox is local detective Russ Kemper, who's not much on Miss Wade, but is hot on the killer's trail.  Although relatively bloodless because it was a T.V. movie, the body count is ample, plot twists are many, and red herrings abound until the final twist ending comes at you full force.  

a.k.a. Highschool Killer

Part of the Donna Reed Centenary celebration at FilmScene.