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Series:Special Event
Film Info
Runtime:136 minutes
Director:Stanley Kubrick
Year Released:1971
Production Country:UK


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"A chilling classic."—Marjorie, Austin Chronicle

"Spectacular, operatic, colorful, and exquisitely photographed."—Jeremiah Kipp, Slant Magazine

"At once [Kubrick's] most thematically problematic film and his most unforgettably sensational."—Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice

Director Stanley Kubrick's controversial classic turns 50 this year and has a brand new 4K restoration. Being the adventures of a young man...who loved a bit of the old ultra-violence...went to jail, was brainwashed...and came out cured...or was he? In a futuristic welfare state, Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a vicious young hoodlum, sleeps all day and spends his nights roaming the city with his droogs (friends), assaulting innocent people in the streets and in their homes. Finally captured by the police, Alex undergoes rehabilitation in the form of aversion therapy in the same brutal and horrifying manner of his own offenses. 

Content Consideration: This film contains explicit violence, nudity, sexual assault, and rape.