Cosplay Comedy


Brava Studio Sat, Jan 28 9:30 PM


Comedians performing in cosplay, in character, plus a musical performance! We've performed at the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival, comic book/anime conventions, comic book stores, a video game museum, and of course on Zoom. Comedians will be telling jokes in cosplay, in character. You might see a member of the Jokestice League or the IncrediLOLs. This show has performed at cons across the country, comic book stores, a video game museum, and all the shires where nerds live. Even online! Our Hulk of a lineup will have you laughing harder than vibranium. With Leiroy Abueg, K. Cheng, Kyle Chrise, Jason Cole, April Cowgur, Bryce Druzin, Sarah Giambruno, Jane The MessageOnly One Ronin, Arturo Raygoza and Annette Mullaney. ($22, All Ages)