Select Thine Own Journey -- A Drag Show with Media Meltdown


Will you answer the call to adventure? Can you survive the deep dark forest? Will you save the land from imminent peril, and can you do it… in a wig? Well, lucky for you, you have an avatar in some of San Francisco’s top drag talent!

Four of the Bay’s fiercest drag kings, queens, and in-betweens have been thrust into a fantasy world, meeting danger at every turn. And YOU, the audience, will decide their fate! When these performers are literally lip syncing for their lives, it will be up to the audience to decide if they finish big with “I Will Survive” or end up “In the Arms of an Angel." Do you have what it takes to help them on their sickening quest? Then glam up and head out to SELECT THINE OWN JOURNEY!

Media Meltdown is a queer celebration of cult media, weirdo pop culture, and childhood nostalgia hosted by San Francisco-based drag performers and “roommates” (in the Biblical sense) Franzia Kafka & Piranha. We’re known for bringing you the themes no other drag show dares to tackle!