Magic, Mind Reading and Mayhem with Robert Strong and guest magicians Jay Alexander, Kevin Blake, Andrew Evans, David Gerard and Jade



Gateway Theatre Tue, Jan 31, 2023 8:00 PM


Magic, Mind Reading and Mayhem: with Magicians Robert Strong, Jay Alexander, David Gerard, Jade, Andrew Evans, and Kevin Blake
Produced by Robert Strong SF Sketchfest's Resident Magician

Awards, awards, and more awards. Five of the most awarded magicians Sketchfest could afford. Six completely different styles of magic in one show. From the friendly con artist Robert Strong, to the uniquely modern illusionist Andrew Evans, to the master of mind tricks Jay Alexander, to the first woman to win the coveted gold medal of magic Jade, to the storytelling illusionist Kevin Blake, and to the witty mind reader David Gerard. Over 150 years of combined experience crammed into 75 minutes of interactive magic, comedy, and mysteries of the mind. ($30 Front/Center, $20 Rear/Sides, All Ages)