The Crossword Show with Zach Sherwin


Gateway Theatre Fri, Feb 3 7:30 PM


Host Zach Sherwin presides as three panelists solve a crossword puzzle live onstage, with everything displayed on a big screen so the crowd can follow the action. The clues work just like the ones in a typical crossword, but they also happen to be rhyming hip-hop lyrics; there's an Across Clues and a Down Clues rap over the course of the show. Each time the panelists get a clue right, Zach launches them and the audience down a rabbit hole inspired somehow by the answer word. There's comedy, music, trivia, and audience quizzes galore! Astonishing connections and surprises abound! There's really nothing like it! With guest solvers Kevin Allison, and Kenice Mobley($35 Front/Center, $25 Rear/Sides, All Ages)