CANUXPLOITATION: The Genre Gems of Astron 6

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Film Info
Film Category:Midnight Shorts Program
Running Time:90
Year of Release:2013


Astron-6 is the brainchild of five iconoclastic, multi-media artists who share a fascination with the mechanics of fear and laughter. They subvert the expectations of the seasoned viewer with the nightmarish and absurd. Their imagery and recurring themes are often torn from the childhood of the irony-craving, internet savvy Generations X and Y. Screening a selection of shorts and a sneak preview clip of the Editor, a feature giallo comedy starring Udo Kier!


Lazer Ghost 2: Return to Laser Cove, Steven Kostanski,10 min, 2008
In this spectacular sci-fi sequel, the emotionally-fractured Trance (Matthew Kennedy) must overcome the demons of his past and once again wage war on the evil spirit of Einstein and his army of laser-wielding ghosts.

Fireman, Adam Brooks, 2 min, 2009
Red Coleman was a hero, a fireman and a father until a gang of ruthless pyromaniacs killed him and his family. Now he's back and he has a thirst for revenge!

Heart of Karl, Steven Kostanski,19 min, 2008
From Steven Kostanski, director of “Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove”, comes the story of two brothers who must fight to escape an unholy institution populated with an endless sea of ghoulish creatures.

Insanophenia, Steven Kostanski, 10 min, 2007
Two dim-witted exterminators are about to find there are more disturbing things than the sexual advances of their maniacal supervisor as they descend into a nightmarish world of indescribable terror.

Inferno of the Dead, Jeremy Gillespie, 9 minutes, 2009
When mysterious circumstances cause the dead to rise from their graves, a man and woman are trapped in a never-ending hell-inferno.

Xtreme Ghost Killers, Matthew Kennedy & Conor Sweeny, 10 min, 2009
The following footage was recovered by the brooklyn, bay ridge 68th precinct on november 3rd, 2007. The seemingly endless hours of material were painstakingly cut together, creating the most shocking television series of all time...

Breaking Santa, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeny and Adam Brooks, 10min, 2012
Santa meets some friends at Christmas...with bloody dire consequences!

The Editor, Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy, TEASER, 2014
Once revered as the greatest editor of all time, an editing accident reduced him to a ridiculed amputee. When his co-workers are murdered one after another, the editor is the prime suspect!

-Anna Feder