Weed + Grub Live! with Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson with guests Katrina Davis, Vanessa Gonzalez and Jordan Morris.


Gateway Theatre Sun, Feb 5 4:00 PM


Weed + Grub is a zany show that’s basically NPR’s Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! for the counterculture. It’s half podcast, half gameshow, half stand up, and half prizes. That’s right, four halves! We’ve also got secret snacks, smoke, and giveaways for the audience if you’re into that kind of thing. Come check out the show Vulture dubbed “True experts in comedy and marijuana.” You don’t have to be high to have a great time… but we will be. With guests Katrina Davis, Vanessa Gonzalez and Jordan Morris. ($35 Front/Center, $28 Rear/Sides, Ages 18+)