Experimental Curator: The Sally Dixon Story

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Experimental Curator: The Sally Dixon Story

Brigid Maher

Washington DC, New York City, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Denver, Lump Gulch, USA | 2022 | 57 | 4K Video


A documentary that delves into the life of film curator Sally Dixon. Dixon was known as a trailblazer in the ”film as art” movement in the ’70s and founded and directed the Film Department at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. Featuring interviews with Carolee Schneemann, Jonas Mekas, Bruce Baillie, Ken Jacobs, and Robert Haller.


Presented with historical AAFF short films:

Valentin de las Sierras (In-Person Only)

Bruce Baillie

1967 | 10 | 16mm

Skin, eyes, knees, horses, hair, sun, earth. Old Song of Mexican hero Valentin, sung by blind Jose Santollo Nasido en Santa Cruz de la Soledad; Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.


Invocation Of My Demon Brother (In-Person Only)

Kenneth Anger

1969 | 11 | 16mm

Underworld powers gather at a midnight mass to shadow forth Lord Lucifer. Mick Jagger used a moog synthesizer to provide the hallucinatory score. Anger calls this “an attack on the sensorium.”


Take Off (In-Person Only)

Gunvor Nelson

1972 | 10 | 16mm to digital

Ellion Ness, a thoroughly professional stripper, goes through her paces, bares her body, and then, astonishingly and literally, transcends it.


Fist Fight (In-Person Only)

Robert Breer

1964 | 11 | 16mm to digital

An autobiographical film combines personal and family photos with intense colors, textures, and geometric abstractions.