Films in Competition 4

  • Spectral
  • The Silver Reel
  • Tunable Mind
  • Of This Beguiling Membrance
  • Two Sister
  • The Hairy Notion of a Green Afternoon
  • Congress
  • Microscope
  • That Was When I Thought I Could Hear You
  • Incomplete

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Wed, Mar 23, 2022 9:15 PM



Wana Brands


New Media Caucus


Luis Macias’s expanded cinema performance Spectral Landscape launches this program of recent experimental films that includes a film found in space; recent research achievements; elusive spirits; sister portraiture; a mysterious protagonist; a wrecked 19th century paddleboat; seemingly motionless things; the edge of the bridge; and an anonymous character in perpetual free fall.


Spectral Landscape (In-Person Only)

Luis Macias

Barcelona, Spain | 2016–ongoing | 11 | 4 x 35mm slide projectors + external shutter

A Landscape. Without color and movement. Only a Landscape.


“At that beautiful moment between reality and

dreaming, an incorporeal animal emerges from

the darkness and light. Dark, violent and self-

assured, it shares its fears of nature’s

despair. But don’t be afraid—it’s an animal

just like you. Did you see it? Wake up. Open

your eyes.”


The Silver Reel

Josh Gibson

Durham, NC | 2022 | 24 | 4K Video


A film reel found in space amidst the wreckage of a 20th-century space probe. The film itself was unwound in space, exposed to radiation and space dust. Who sent it and what was its purpose? Some speculate that in the scarred geography of the damaged frames is a first contact.


Tunable Mimoid

Vladimir Todorovic

Perth, Australia | 2021 | 7 | 4K Video

Scientists have discovered the unique ability of an extraterrestrial organism (mimoid) to regenerate after being exposed to harmful man-made radiation waves. This video was produced for the general public in order to promote the benefits of extraterrestrial studies on the Sustain Earth initiative.


Of this Beguiling Membrane

Charlotte Pryce

Los Angeles, CA | 2020 | 5 | 4K Video

The story unfolds on the Eve of Midsummer: on the day when the threshold between worlds is porous, and an idle gesture can tempt fate. Inspired by Robert Kirk’s The Secret Commonwealth (1671), this work takes the outward form of a nature film. But observation gives way to illusion and the surface gives way to murky waters strewn with debris of those who have succumbed to its lures.


two sisters

Magdalena Bermudez

Milwaukee, WI | 2021 | 8 | HD Video


A history of sister portraiture is reanimated by nascent datasets, as portraits dodge derogatory categories by paradoxically inhabiting both one and multiple bodies.


The Hairy Notion of a Green Afternoon

Susanne Deeken

London, UK | 2021 | 6 | HD Video


A mysterious protagonist emerges from elemental energies, leading us on her sensational journey. She (the “Ur-Frau”) is a mysterious force, ever-changing, responding to, and even becoming, her encounters with nature. A story of emotion: felt, rather than told, where the original score pulsates expressively with the visuals’ rhythm, breathing and oozing nature’s forms and wonders.



Kyath Battie

Regina, Canada | 2020 | 4 | HD Video


Mediated under flight and wing, possible collective memories are represented through a prism of vast tundra landscapes, a wrecked 19th-century paddle boat, and ancient lichen fields. Time, place, and history become nostalgic remnants from the Yukon Territory.


under the microscope

Michaela Grill

Montreal, Canada | 2021 | 7 | HD Video


In her glittering remontage of science films from the 1920s, Michaela Grill does not spread out catalogs of motifs, but aims straight at the fascination of these recordings: their value as educational material was never neatly separated from their aesthetic appeal as a pure cinematic spectacle. 


That Was When I Thought I Could Hear You

Matt Whitman

West Chester, PA | 2021 | 9 | 16mm film

That Was When I Thought I Could Hear You on petals, on fire, and on the edge of the bridge.



Dalena Tran

Los Angeles, CA | 2021 | 4 | HD Video

Has the future already happened?