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  • Her glass flower house
  • Inconsolable
  • Dunner
  • AlandI
  • She Gather Me

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Main Theater - Michigan Theater Fri, Mar 25, 2022 5:15 PM



Ann Arbor Distilling Company



Community High



Deborah Greer


This program of contemporary experimental, animated, personal, and documentary films features Her glass flower house by Katharine Fry, and includes a woman’s relationship with her uncanny home; reflections on the glass sliding doors; soap suds; our complex dependence on technology; bags in Iranian cinema; and alternative ways of considering place.



Her Glass Flower House

Katharine Fry

London, UK | 2021 | 39 | HD Video


Her Glass Flower House is a fever dream of illness and recovery, combining stop-motion animation and live action in a doll’s house. A woman arrives ahead of her family at a rented house, describing the ideal life they will build together. What happens does not reflect her homemaker vision. Instead, the house and its contents confront her body as external expressions of her struggle to survive.



Michel Pavlou

Oslo, Norway | 2021 | 4 | HD Video

Images of reflections on the glass sliding doors under the incessant passage of the crowd, combined with a chimeric flow of textures actualizing the interface, compose the visual stream of the video. Colors, shapes, and textures echo Natasha Heidsieck Mak’s narration, intertwining with the poem’s mental imagery.


Thinner than Two Ten-thousandths of a Millimetre

Gregor Eldarb

Vienna, Austria | 2021 | 8 | HD Video


Soap suds, various framing devices, and reflections off a computer screen constitute the raw material from which a highly fragile cosmos of the “infra-thin” unfolds, one step at a time.


AI and I

Cecelia Condit

Milwaukee, WI | 2021 | 7 | HD Video

A woman interrogates the nature of consciousness, whether human, animal, or man-made, as she walks through the woods, dragging electrical cords behind her like bread crumbs.


Irani Bag

Maryam Tafakory

Iran/Singapore/UK | 2020 | 8 | HD Video

Using excerpts of films produced between 1990 and 2018, Irani Bag is a split-screen video essay questioning the innocence of bags in post-revolution Iranian cinema.


She Gather Me

Miatta Kawinzi

Brooklyn, NY | 2021 | 11 | HD Video

She Gather Me, titled after a line from Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, is a poetic meditation on the resonance of different physical and mental landscapes of the African Diaspora. Through analog and digital film, video, and audio, this piece presents alternative ways of considering place and the search for a space of belonging and refuge.